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Hugh First discovered Aquatic Therapy and Water Dancing in 2018 while studying Stillness Touch.


After receiving his first session in Adelaide he was hooked,  instantly he knew this work was incredibly special and  would be the perfect complimentary therapy to Body and Movement Training.


Hugh has since been travelling to Mullumbimby where he spends his time training with 'Masta' studying the Art of Water Dancing.


Hugh says about his work: "Nothing excites me more than seeing the look on a clients face after we complete their first water session.

It's a very special experience".



Sessions last for a minimum of 1 hour. Clients have floats placed around their legs and ankles for additional buoyancy and support. Clients are then taken into the warm water where they are held and supported by Hugh as they move through the water and a variety of yoga like stretches, movement sequences and massage techniques while in a state of weightlessness.


Sessions vary depending on the clients needs and no two sessions look the same. Clients are given the choice of exploring the therapy on the surface of the water and  also with a nose clip under the water.  


Hugh enjoys bringing in some of his other training in Myofascial Release, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Stillness and Energetic Modalities. Please view the video and image section for further information.


Aquatic Therapy  allows clients to move into the deepest state of relaxation allowing for a complete surrender into their bodies.

The gentle and supportive movement through the water soothes the nervous system allowing for joints and muscle to release and naturally let go.

The water creates a somatic experience for the client, allowing a unique awareness and perspective of their bodies.  Long have we understood the connection between mind and body. Assisted in the water, where physical impositions on the body are lifted from which deep relaxation is achieved, clients are able to realise how physical and mental stresses are interrelated. This form of water therapy is ideal for athletes and people recovering from surgery and injury. 


Aquatic Therapy brings in all the therapeutic benefits you would receive from Yoga, stretching, massage, bodywork and a float tank in one session.  

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