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A multidisciplinary approach to Aquatic Remedial Therapy and Remedial Bodywork & Movement Therapies. Hugh’s approach is subtle yet powerful, encouraging and allowing client’s bodies to move and release with ease and comfort. The Aquatic sessions utilise the natural supportive qualities found in the water, which allows Clients to move their bodies in ways they may not be able to in their day to day life. The water is ideal for clients with mobility issues and who are undertaking physical rehabilitation.


The table sessions allow Hugh to focus on more specific issues and injuries and allows clients to experience a more self guided therapeutic experience. Table sessions are built around exploring postural, energetic and emotional alignment. Somatic movement and yoga classes are also available upon request. Hugh considers the work “An experience” with Therapeutic benefits, a must for everyone.

About Us


Hugh Gilchrist has worked as a highly regarded Remedial and Muscular Skeletal Therapist for over 7 years.


Hugh currently spends his time with clients between the massage table from his home clinic in North Adelaide, and in various pools throughout Adelaide. 

Blending a wide variety of modalities for optimum therapeutic benefit, Hugh facilitates Somatic Water Experience from Watsu Aquatic Therapy, the 'Healing Water Dance Sequence',  Myofacial Release, Somatic Unwinding, Craniosacral Therapy and Stillness Touch (Touch of Presence).

Studying Heart Space Stillness work for 5 years with Georgia Milne, this work is at the core of Hugh's therapies; holding space for clients to facilitate their own personal journey of consciousness and awareness with self. 

Intensely committed to his self inquiry practice, Hugh believes his work to be a direct reflection of his own self development. He believes in working with clients from a place of curiosity and neutrality, guiding and supporting clients on their journey to health and wholeness. 



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Aquatic Therapy is combination of The Healing Water Dance, Watsu, Somatic experience and various Remedial Therapies. Clients are supported in the water wearing floats while being held by the practitioner in warm water. The water creates a sense of weightlessness which allows the clients to become aware of tensions and holding patterns in their body. This is a truly unique experience, think float tank meets yoga stretches and water massage.

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Bodywork session take place on the massage table. Sessions are designed to work with the clients individual  and therapeutic needs and are designed to give short and long term benefits.  In a session techniques will be applied to encourage the body to unwind, uncoil, release and re balance itself. There is an emphases on working with the client as to empower their healing journey. No two sessions are the same, all sessions are customized for the clients individual needs.

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Movement sessions are one on one with clients and are designed to teach clients and give them tools so they can take care of themselves between sessions from home. Session include Somatic movement and Myofascial unwinding with yoga Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and breath work. These sessions utilize subtle and gentle techniques designed to allow a 'feeling' and empowering experience. These movement sessions are great way to take your health and wellness into your own hands.



Hugh Gilchrist

North Adelaide, Australia 

Tel: +61 404 486 821


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